April Fools’ 2016 Roundup

A roundup of the top April Fools from the video gaming world

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Game Farts: Filthy Cardinal Plays Fallout: New Vegas

The Filthy Cardinal is the hero that we need, not that we deserve. Or something along those lines. Shot in the head whilst pooping and left for dead, our protagonist awakes to find some creepy old pervert poking around in his... Read more

BOOB NEWS – Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Koei Tecmo, creators of the Dead or Alive series, are scared. The latest instalment in their titillating DoA series is coming to PC as well as home consoles and this has them quivering in their collective boots. Y’see, Tecmo enjoy having... Read more

League of Legends Preseason Spotlight for Bronze Leaguers

Our resident League of Legends scrub Vince takes us through the most important information to be found in Riot’s recently released ‘Preseason Spotlight’. The video below pulls out all the important details to keep you up to... Read more

An Introduction to Video Games – Voletic Vaults (1986)

Meet Margaret our fifty-year-old mother of two from Blackpool. You will usually find her boiling up a fresh batch of brownies in the kitchenette of her static home for her festively plump, video game obsessed man-babies. Today however, she... Read more


Once in a while an opportunity comes along that you can’t pass up. Something so momentous that you would be a fool to let it slip through your fingers. And this week we saw one of those moments and I stepped up – I rose to the... Read more