Interview with Shirley Curry – The Gaming Granny

Interview with Shirley Curry – The Gaming Granny



We got the opportunity to have a chat with Shirley Curry whose YouTube channel has exploded with followers watching her work her way through Skyrim. The game is obviously so vast that we’re currently (at time of writing) on episode 312. Referring to her followers as ‘Grandkids’ each video shows her adventure through the game. It provides endless amounts of guidance for people playing the game, it also is a hub of information if you will, as people swap tips and tricks in the comments.

So, we asked Shirley;

The big question, your age, I was raised never to ask a woman her age, but how old are you?

(Chuckles) Everybody knows that, I’m 80, I’ll be 81 in April.

What got you into gaming, what brought it all about?

Back in the 90s one of my sons gave me a computer, he gave me a game and he taught me how to use both. So I’ve been addicted ever since.

Is it just Skyrim, or do you play others?

No, the first game that he gave me was Civilization II, I played that for years. Then I played a game called Banished for years. Then I found Skyrim, I have played other games like Age of Empires and that, but this is the first game that I’ve started recording. I also use Arc.

In regards to Skyrim, how often do you play?

(Laughing) I used to play all the time, everyday, hours and hours. But since I’ve been recording I only get to play a couple of hours a day. Mainly because I spend a lot of time answering my comments, emails and stuff.

I suppose recording the videos and getting them all uploaded can take some time also?

Yes it really does, so I don’t get to quilt or read as much.

Do you use a specialised computer or is it a box standard shop bought one. What is it that you use?

Yes, my son knew what I wanted and so he contacted DogHouse Systems. He told them what to put in it and they built it for me. It’s a new generation games computer that’s also water-cooled. I also have two monitors, big ones.

Is it an Intel or AMD PC?

I don’t know, my son ordered it. I know that it says GeForce GTX and I know it’s an Armour TL*

With YouTube, you obviously get a fair few comments, do you find that you get any negative ones in anyway?

At the beginning I got a lot of negative ones, some of them were really really nasty and disgusting. But I kept letting them know that I didn’t really appreciate that on my channel and if they kept it up they would get banned, so I just started banning those and now I hardly ever get anything like that.

Do you see yourself moving on from Skyrim anytime soon?

(Laughter) Oh no! I do not. I do not play in a linear line, just going through the quests to get to the end. I like to roam around Skyrim and do whatever I want to do.

A lot of people say gaming is a waste of time, what would you say to those people?

Well, it is sort of, but goodness sake, when you’re older, why not! You have to do something, although I used to quilt and read all the time, I love gaming, I got addicted to it in the 90’s and I can’t quit or see any sense in quitting. I think that all the younger generation that’s grown up with technology, they will probably be gaming forever. I wont be an oddity then.

People say gaming can bring out violent tendencies in children, what do you think about that?

Look at all the stuff that’s on TV that they sit in front of and veg out and watch, it’s the same thing. So why not be playing a game where they are in control and can try to win over the bad guys. Just sitting there watching stupid shows on TV, they’re not doing anything, they’re not exercising their brain. They’re just watching a bunch of violence. Playing, interacting and trying to counteract what’s happening. (Editor’s note, I love this answer!)

If you had the ability to create your perfect game, what would it consist of?

Oh my goodness, that is a hard question for me as I do not know what the developers go through. To me Skyrim is the perfect game, if they just keep making it better and better that’s fine with me!

Do you see yourself purchasing the next in the sequel, if it ever gets released?

(Eagerness and laughter) YES! If they hurry up and get it released before I die! The way they talk it might be years!

Have you ever played Elders Scrolls Online?

No, I’ve tried to play online with others, like I’ve played a few games with some guys I’ve met online in gaming. Played 7 days to die and I played on one of their Arc Servers. But that didn’t last very long because for one thing they record too late at night and for another, I don’t play very well with others. I prefer to do my own thing. When I play with a bunch of people they’re running of in all directions and I don’t know what they want me to do. I don’t like to watch multiplayer games either because there’s too many people running around, talking at the same time and it’s hard to keep up or know who’s doing what. I don’t think that’s fun

So there we have it guys! Probably the coolest lady on the planet that could school you in the art of gaming? Please feel free to go and check out her channel:

Leave some comments on the page below guys, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*(looking online it appears this is the PC Shirley uses, potentially with some tweaks)


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