Stripmine in Modern – Monowhite Death and Taxes

At this stage you might not know who I am. But amongst some of the south coast magic scene I have garnered a name for myself. This isn’t just for my rugged good looks, impeccable beard regimen and lewd sense of humour; I am known as that... Read more

MTG – Modern – Death & Taxes vs Amulet Bloom

If you feel that Amulet Bloom and its ilk are degenerate and unhealthy for the format – there is hope. There is a shining white knight to protect against the commbo decks. Its name is ‘Death & Taxes’

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Magic: The Gathering – Modern Gameplay – Linger Control vs. Affinity

I once saw the formats of Magic: The Gathering compared to varying degrees of physical fisticuffs; Standard was the equivalent of two toddlers scrapping in the playground, while Modern was an MMA bout between trained martial artists. Legacy is... Read more

Magic: The Gathering – Top 5 One Mana Spells

In competitive Magic, mana efficiency is king. The more bang for your arcane buck, the better. And when it comes to mana efficiency, you don’t get more efficient than some of these one mana spells

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Beautiful Innistrad Cube

I have gushed before about how much I love Cube. A carefully constructed and well tested draft format is always going to be super sweet to play. Outside of well tuned cubes, certain sets carry a reputation (and for good reason) for being... Read more

Magic: The Gathering – Fate Reforged released – Opening Booster Packs

Hi, I am Vince. And I am an addict. I just can’t get enough of this shiny cardboard we call Magic. I went to some prereleases last weekend, and managed to win some booster packs; apparently opening 3 on colour mythics and several bomb rares is... Read more

MTGO Cube Drafting (Gameplay) – Black Lotus is Festive, right?

Every holiday period, Wizards of the Coast run Cube drafts on MTGO. You don’t get to keep any of the cards opened like you would in a normal draft but the pay off is huge; you get to play with some of the most broken, degenerate and... Read more

Magic: The Gathering – A Cubed Love Affair

When it comes to Magic, there is nothing quite like cracking open some new packs and building a fresh deck to go toe to toe with your friends (or foes). A format in which you construct your deck there and then from “new” cards is... Read more

Magic: The Gathering – R.I.P. Old Friend

In Magic: The Gathering, when a new block lands in stores, a previous block rotates out of the Standard competitive environment. With Khans of Tarkir hitting shelves this Friday, rotation looms. This means that some much loved (and revered)... Read more