Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review – PS4
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We all know the classic story by now. Guy gets shot by an Angel’s arrow, every girl around falls madly in love with him and said guy has to fight them off with his orgasmic gun. All the while pursuing the girl he actually likes to avoid spending an eternity alone. It’s a timeless classic

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace Review – PS4

We all know the classic story by now. Guy gets shot by an Angel’s arrow, every girl around falls madly in love with him and said guy has to fight them off with his orgasmic gun. All the while pursuing the girl he actually likes to avoid spending an eternity alone. It’s a timeless classic.

Well, maybe in Japan. How this managed to get a release in the west is quite a surprise. A pleasant surprise, yet certainly not a game to play in front of your Nan.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace is actually a sequel to Gal*Gun, which was available on PS3 and the 360 in Japan only. I’d be interested to see how many units the original sold on the Xbox, not just out of morbid curiosity (Japan hates the Xbox), but also as it wasn’t released on the PS3 for over a year later. At the time of writing I couldn’t find the answer to this, so if any of you find out, please let me know in the comments. Anyway, enough about the first game (it’s on the way to me from eBay right now), let’s move onto the sequel.

Gal*Gun is an on rails Bishojo (literally translates to pretty girl game, so Wikipedia tells me) On rails shooter dating sim.  Think Hatoful Boyfriend with shooting and actually women instead of birds.

Still with me at this point? Then you already know this is a game for you, so on to the gameplay.

Traditional shooters or light gun games would charge you with fighting off scores of undead legions or terrorists, not GG.  You need to fight off horny school girls and teachers. Due to your accidental attractiveness (damn cupid) all the girls love you and want to shower you with love and affection. And like all good one women kind of guys you have to stop them. By shooting them. With your orgasmic gun. I kid you not. Of course the game doesn’t go as far as to say you are giving these girls orgasms to stop them, it only says that you are bringing them to a state of Euphoria. Kind of the same thing.

Each girl also has a certain weakness, either their head, chest, hips or legs and much like a headshot, hitting them here counts as a one shot. This not only stops them straight away, it also increases a score combo which will help with your end of level score.


Unfortunately, there is no light gun to use for this, aiming must be done by moving a reticule with the analogue sticks. The only help you have with aiming is a slowdown button that makes it easier to aim for harder to reach places and zoom.  Although I’m thinking that zoom is more to do with making girls clothes see through, down to the underwear, then it is as an actual help.

Shooting enough girls causes a special bar to fill up allowing you to use Doki Doki mode, where everything gets weirder still.  This will work on up to 3 girls and the aim is to get them to fall instantly in euphoric love, by rubbing them apparently. I guess that would work. A pointer will come on the screen and all you need do is rub the girls in places they like to trigger the euphoria in a certain time and return to the main game, causing the girls to explode and incapacitate all others that are on the screen.  Pervy yes, but, not as pervy as the game gets. More on that later.

I know what you’re thinking; most guys would love this kind of attention from the female of the species. Not our hero though.  He only has eyes for one woman and must tell her how he feels before the end of the day. If he doesn’t and she doesn’t love him back by sunset he will be alone forever thanks to the potency of cupids arrows.

Which brings us to the story part of the game. At a certain point you are able to choose a girl you wish to pursue and follow the story based on your choice. The aim is to help her along the way, pick the right dialogue choice and win her heart. There are different stats at play for our protagonist as well, from intelligence, athleticism and even lewdness. A number of pre set characters can be chosen at the start with certain characteristics, like a bookworm or a jock. Stats can also go up and down during play depending on certain actions and items.  I don’t want to spoil too much of the story as it is fun to discover. I enjoyed following the different paths and seeing the different endings. A personal favourite of mine was seeing my character giving up on love to follow a business opportunity. On rail shooters can become boring and it’s things like this that add to replayability.

Keeping people playing seems like something the developers have thought about as well, they don’t want you just shooting the same girls over and over again. Like most games the enemies will become more plentiful and difficult to beat as you carry on. Of course not in the traditional way, they do become more plentiful as you would expect, they can also grab you for a kiss, push you over and stomp on you as well as yelling their declaration of love at you and as we all know, words can hurt.  There is also a naughty demon running around infecting girls with mini demons that must be shot before you can take out the girls. There are also a few bosses strewn about the game, one being a demon vegetable tentacle (of course) monster.


Side missions are available on each level; they involve finding a hidden item for a certain girl and shooting it to earn the in game currency of feathers. These can be used for upgrades for health, shot power and much more. These upgrades only last until the end of the current playthrough meaning money can be spent differently each time around for varying results.

One thing that does go between playthroughs is the overall completion. Not only do you have to see all the endings to complete the games compendium, you also have to learn everything about the girls. One way to learn about them is the hidden memos that are scattered around every level. The other would be their measurements. Completionists will have to learn a certain number of measurements by staring at each girls, legs, hips and waists. Doing so does takes time and increases the risk of taking damage, adding to the difficulty. And it’s still not the most pervy part of the game. That comes later.

I have found myself really enjoying this game, despite (or maybe because of) the weirdness it’s actually very fun and very Japanese. My biggest complaint is having to play it on a control pad.  As with any on rail shooter it really deserves to be played with a light gun and unfortunately these days us gamers aren’t treated to actual light guns any more. The days of the G-con are a distant, happy, memory. Using analogue sticks to aim a reticule around the screen is more difficult and not as natural as it would be using a light gun.  Had I had a giant piece of plastic in my hands this may well have been one of my favourite ever games, it would have at least been my second favourite light gun game, after Point Blank.

Gal*Gun is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and despite its dubious nature is just a tremendous amount of fun.  I’d recommend anybody give it a try.


Oh and before I forget, the perviest part of the game. That has to be the physical contact phase. These scenarios pop up at certain points of the game and involve the girls that you are trying to win over being caught in sticky situations, needing your help, and help we must, we are a hero after all. And how do heroes help?  By shooting, rubbing and poking. There is fan service aplenty here as the girls are stuck in precarious positions, in their underwear or with their knickers showing. You must shoot certain targets hidden on their bodies before prodding and poking them. Shooting the wrong part causes them to moan and gyrate out of displeasure. There is even some use of the PS4’s touch pad here.


As I said, it’s the perviest part of a pervy game by western standards. Please don’t let any of that put you off though. Don’t miss what is a silly, fun extremely Japanese shooting game that we were lucky ever saw the light of day in our country.

Don’t miss a game you may well love, even if it sometimes feels weird for doing so.

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