Mature Content – Video Games Are Awfully Violent

Video Games as a medium are reliant upon a crutch; their ability to resonate as art, to tell stories of interest and to evoke emotion are all held back by a dependence upon violence. This industry is steeped in the fictional depiction of... Read more

NewsBite 21/08/14 – “Quinspiracy” and Accusations of Corruption

Vince takes a look at this weeks biggest news story and its ramifications on the wider video gaming press and communities. Be warned, he has strong opinions as always on the topic, as well as the industry and associated community’s... Read more

Titanfall Player Limit Revealed – 6v6 Multiplayer Skirmishes

  This week Titanfall’s developers Respawn Entertainment revealed, via Twitter, the maximum number of players in a single match would be 12. That makes for games of 6 versus 6. Naturally, a vocal reaction was seen in comment sections... Read more

Mature Content – Let’s Talk About Rape

Hotline Miami asked us “Do you like to hurt people?” Coupled with ultraviolence and a surreal narrative, this metatextual query asks an eerily provocative question of us as gamers, and how we like to spend our time. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong... Read more