Scalebound is Dead – Microsoft 2017 line-up shrinks

Yesterday afternoon Microsoft put the public’s suspicions to rest with regards to Platinum Games’ forthcoming Xbox One title Scalebound. And by ‘to rest’ I mean confirmed. And to clarify that further; Scalebound is... Read more

Mature Content – Video Games Are Awfully Violent

Video Games as a medium are reliant upon a crutch; their ability to resonate as art, to tell stories of interest and to evoke emotion are all held back by a dependence upon violence. This industry is steeped in the fictional depiction of... Read more

Dark Souls 2 Review – Part 2 (PC)

It’s been a couple of months now since Dark Souls 2 was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 to critical acclaim (from me, among others) and since then the more polished PC port has graced my steam library. The verdict?

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