Top 5 Game Developers

Top 5 Game Developers

Books are almost always written by a single author. Music is normally created by a few writers, then performed by a band and a singer. Movies are backed by large companies and big teams, but helmed by prominent directors and actors. Gaming is unique from these other mediums in that it is almost always a studio endeavour – very few people know the individual people that contributed towards their favourite games, instead attributing the quality to the studio as a whole, and the legacy that it brings with it. This means that in order to be a truly successful game developer, these entities need to constantly evolve and prove themselves over generations. Whilst they may be headed by a few famous names, gaming studios that last more than a few years inevitably have large teams, and therefore it’s difficult to pick specific people to praise for a certain games success. The companies on this list have by and large provided the majority of my favourite games, constantly impressing me and the gaming public with what they produce. These are my Top 5 Game Developers of all time.

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